Shed Your Inhibitions...Embrace Total Pl

Choose one or choose a combination of the

massages that appeal to you most

Sensual Massage:

A full body massage with mild stimulation and a lot of sensual teasing & awakening. 

A perfect option for those who are a little shy or timid &

wanting to take things slowly at first.


Erotic Massage:

A full body massage with a lot more stimulation & contact between therapist & client. Can become very intense at times so not for those who are faint of heart.


Tantric Massage:

A slow, intimate and deeply connecting full body massage that focuses on awakening your Kundalini energy(a healing form of energy which lies dormant within us all) & in doing so aids in nurturing you physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Prepare to have your inner goddess honoured fully.


Thai Style Body 2 Body Massage:

Maximum contact between therapist & client whilst still maintaining the essence of a real full body massage. Adds a naughty twist to the sessions & is extremely arousing.


Fantasy Massage:

You set the tone according to your secret desires & fantasies.

Carry along your costumes, toys or whatever other props you feel necessary

to act these out in your 1-on-1 session with me. 


As this is predominantly a call out service, prices vary according to distance & duration.

Let me know what your preferences are as well as any special requests & I will quote you accordingly.

Available daily from 08h00 to 23h00


A private venue can be arranged if yours is not suitable.

Sessions range from 2 to 4hrs(or longer if required)

This service is For Ladies Only!

All sessions are strictly 1on1, no male partners allowed!

Call 076 963 7786 for rates and specific details

related to your session. For non-urgent queries, you may contact me through the contact form below.

Thanks! Message sent. If you are trying to make a same day booking, it's better to call me directly on 076 963 7786

Sensual Massage for Women in Durban
Erotic Massage for Women in Durban
Tantric Massage for Women in Durban


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"Tristin, you are a truly gifted guy with yummy hands. I enjoyed every second of my session from the 1st touch to the last orgasm. It was simply amazing & well worth repeating. Thank you so much for being so patient & understanding in the beginning. I felt very comfortable & undeniably relaxed around you. See you again soon & thank you thank you thank you!!! Mmmm...I'm getting tingly just thinking about your touch..."


One Totally Satisfied Lady

"The best massage therapist I've ever had. A great man whose wish is to make his customer happy and lets the lady set the boundaries. Your magic hands are missed - what a life-changing experience!"


International Addict

"you are simply the best and so out of this world. thank you for taking me to heaven....."


We Don't Need to Keep Those On - Sinfull

Are you a 1st time client?

If so, read these common frequently asked questions here > FAQ


Only contact me when you have read through the content of this website thoroughly and are serious about making a booking. I will not entertain ping pong texts or indecisive time wasters!

This service is for WOMEN ONLY.

Do NOT contact me if you are a man, unless you are intending on booking a session for your female partner. In this case, kindly text/email 1st so that I can give you a suitable time to call me.